Everyone would agree that the structure called a house is not nearly as important as the relationships called a home. And yet while we wouldn’t think of building a house without a blueprint, many go about building their homes and families with no idea of God’s plan. It doesn’t make sense.  And the result, all too often, is a lean-to family life.

If you want to build a house, you need a blueprint which shows the proper design and necessary materials.  This series of daily FAMILY CHALLENGES is designed to encourage parents to follow God’s blueprint for building homes.  In Psalms 127 and 128 God gives us His design and the necessary building materials. The goal of the home is to nurture and build the next generation to love and serve God in the present time as well as the future.  This is a top priority to God and it must be a top priority to us as parents, grandparents and all adult believers as well.  

Passing on a heritage of godliness to the next generation is a responsibility for everyone.  Some of you have children and grandchildren and you’re doing this in obvious ways.  However, all adult believers in Christ bear a responsibility to value children, pray for them, be godly examples and minister through the larger family of the church and in other areas of influence to see that they are cared for, protected and encouraged in their spiritual development.

Following God’s blueprint will help you build a home, not just a house.   And build for the future, not just the present.  A lot is at stake and we must build well using God’s design and the right building materials. 

Each daily post will include:

  • Scripture reading
  • A short, meaningful devotional
  • Reflect and Respond Questions
  • Prayer


Father, we acknowledge that building the next generation to hunger and thirst for righteousness is a top priority for You.  Please do Your building work in our home and in our hearts.  Would You increase our desire, our sense of purpose and intentionality about building a home for You and a generation that will seek after You now and in the future.  I pray for Jesus’ sake.  Amen.

Portions of these Challenges are taken from “Leaving a Godly Legacy,” used by permission, Revive Our Hearts and “Blueprint for a Satisfying Home,” by Steve Cole, retired pastor, used by permission, Flagstaff Christian Fellowship, Flagstaff, AZ


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Cathy Acuff is the prayer ministry coordinator for Grace Baptist Church, Tullahoma, Tennessee.