You can find the seniors’ first names below. If you would like to include more than an encouraging card, they would appreciate any support God puts on your heart!

Anastasia | Jackson B. | Isaac | Gage | Cade | Jackson E. | Trenton | Garrett | Trista | Olivia | Donovan | Audrey | Emma | Jase

We have sought to include all of our seniors, but we apologize if we are inadvertently leaving anyone out. If we are, please fill out the form below to let us know, and we will include them.

We want to honor you on Sunday, May 16 during our 11am service and with a luncheon following the service. Your family is invited to attend as well. Please let us know that you will be attending by filling out the form below! Also, please bring your cap and gown to wear at the church service. We are ready to celebrate you and your huge accomplishment! We are proud of you!!

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