“We have some exciting news—we are reopening for worship on Sunday, May 17th. Now because of safety precautions, Sunday morning worship is not going to look exactly the same but please understand what we are doing is to protect you. At first we’re only going to be offering core worship services at 9 am and 11 am (no Life Groups or small groups). Life groups are encouraged to meet by Zoom or Facebook live. The number of congregates will be limited to 50% capacity so when you arrive, you will notice the chairs will be configured in a different way. You are welcome to move chairs and sit with your family but please remain at least 6 feet from others. We ask that you maintain physical distancing (6 feet) when entering and leaving the building. Do not physically embrace or shake hands with others. For your protection entrance doors and bathroom doors will be propped open to avoid contact with handles. You will be asked to enter the worship center through the backdoors and exit out the front doors. There will be no nursery or Backyard Kids church however a crying room will be available and we will provide color sheets for your little ones (please bring your own crayons). We will not pass the offering plates, instead collection boxes will be at the worship center doors as you enter for you to place your tithe, building fund, offerings in. A one page bulletin will be available for you to pick up at the entrance doors so you can take sermon notes. Instead of having a “come forward” invitation, decision cards will be available on the front row or you may text me or go to the website to record your decision. We want to assure you that we will be taking every possible precaution to make sure the church is properly sanitized before, in between, and after each service. Hand sanitizer will be available in multiple locations. We encourage you to wear a mask to protect others and yourself. If you are running a temperature, coughing, exhibiting any of the COVID 19 symptoms we ask you to please stay home. Now even with all these extra safety measures in place, we realize that some of you are higher risk individuals so if you don’t feel comfortable coming to the campus physically, please know that YouTube, Facebook Live and call in is still available for you to continue to worship with us. We realize some of you are happy to hear this decision while others of you are not. Please know that we as a church staff have prayed about this decision and when to reopen and how to reopen and we have sought God’s counsel and direction and our mindset was…let’s open back as soon as we can but as safe as we can. So everything we’re doing; we’re doing for you. So don’t be afraid. As Chris Tomlin sings, whom shall we fear, we know who goes before us; we know who stands behind; the God of angel armies us always by our side. We can’t wait to see you and get a big “air hug.” God bless you and see you on May 17th!” -Tim McGehee


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      Hi Judy, I am so sad to inform you that they decided just this week to cancel this camp as well. We are very disappointed. We are trying to plan something fun and impactful for this Summer regardless and will make it known as soon as it is planned. Thank you for your understanding.

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