Our student ministry exists to give students the tools and desire to FOLLOW JESUS FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.

REFUGE: 6-7pm Wednesdays

REFUGE is a weekly worship experience for students and by students, where youth are inspired, challenged, and encouraged through games, worship, and the Word of God with other people their age. If you want students to grow in their faith and to bring guests to church to experience Jesus, they need to be a part of REFUGE.

If you need a ride to REFUGE, let us know by emailing and we will come pick you up!!

Discipleship Events

We seek to do a large-scale discipleship event at least three times a year. These three large-scale events are intended to equip and evangelize and WILL have your student leaving on fire for Jesus. We also do a mission trip each year. Students need to attend at least one large discipleship event each year and at least one mission trip while they are in the student ministry. This is the minimum that we pray each student participates in to help equip them and give them the desire to become mature Christian adults.

Monthly Activities

We take fellowship and togetherness seriously. The early church devoted themselves to “the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” Of all the things they could have devoted themselves to, two of the four that are stated have to do with togetherness, and the outcome was day by day people were being saved. In a digitally connected world that is more disconnected than ever, our focus on fellowship and togetherness is more important than ever. We seek to do at least one event of some kind per month, and every Wednesday night after REFUGE, we go out to eat together. Students need real relationship, real conversation, and to experience real life.

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